Kill the Messenger 2009

Lizhi Howard, Jonathan Shelley, Jodi McCluskey, Chloe Fallon and Flora Denman



Loving Chopin 2008
Lewis Dent as Stiles
Sonia Brown as Lady Cavendish
Joshua Parris as Lord Cavendish

The Simple Process of Alchemy 2007
Ralf Higgins as Fernando
Jack Corcoran as Reynaldo

Ship of Fools 2006
Jak Blackwood as Hancock
Ralf Higgins as Phillips

Kill the Messenger 2003
Adrian Ross-Jones as Conrad

Loving Chopin 1998
Chris Lambert as Lady Cavendish
Aidan Herd as Lord Cavendish

The Ninth 1997 and 1998
Chris Lambert as Jonathan
Andrew Mowatt as William
Aidan Herd as Michael

Into the Mist - 1996
Robert Addie as Columba

Edmund Son of Gloucester 1996
Adrian Ross-Jones as Edmund

Robert Addie as Gloucester


 Acts of Revenge and Tell Tale Heart 1995

Robert Addie as Everyone!


Shades in Time - Martyrs 1995
Robert Addie as Bishop Hooper

Some God, Some Angel, Some Devil 1993
Suzanne Rudd as Katy
Matthew Cox as Michael