Got to get an agent...

Currently I have four books in development.
This sounds very exciting of course but it really just means that I haven't finished a single book!

Each book is of a different genre.
Romantic comedy/contemporary fiction.
(This one is finished!)
It is now being redrafted and I have sent a few sample chapters off to a publisher.

Update - The book is currently entitled "The English War of Independence" - I  have been shortlisted by a publisher and will find out whether I have won a contract on the 24th July - check out this site for pictures and updates of this event!

Update: I didn't win but am now redrafting. Great experience to be shortlisted though.


(I have started this one now and it's a blast to write.)

Science Fiction.
(Nearly halfway through this now.)

Social commentary (is that a genre?)

Titles and blurbs will be made available as I start to chase publishers/agents.

(So that will be sometime in 2057 then.)


Am starting to write something with Steevan Glover (see links page).

Also we are working on the world's first Twitter novel!

It is called (drumroll please) "The Twitter Novel"

Click below!


The big question will be... are any of these any good?


Please see blog for further info!