Providing a soundtrack for the mind of the master of horror.

I have been working on providing the sound for an event at Reading Central Library called Weird Winter Tales. This day (Saturday 3rd December 2010) focuses on the works of Lovecraft a vital figure in the world of horror fiction. I have taken elements of his stories and created soundscapes that reflect these.

Here is the final recording...


The Sounds of Yog Sothoth and Friends by Music for Zombies

Soundscape for Weird Winter Tales at Reading Central Library December 4th 2010

 This Soundscape is designed for two different systems so this recording tries to capture how it worked with the different elements bombarding you from left and right. It combines extracts from various Lovecraft tales, music from the period and soundscapes inspired by the stories.

Lovecraft weaves tales that are bound by concepts of sound, the lost tapes of the Whisperer, the thundering hammering of the Dunwich Horror, the altered voices of those irreparably damaged by their liaisons with the cosmic. Music for Zombies (Chris Lambert) has created a soundscape that calls to life the Whipporwhills of Dunwich, the Rats that hound de la Poer and the lunacy or brilliance of the mad voices in his work.

This is Lovecraft as found footage, Lovecraft as documentary and Lovecraft as truth.



For further delights listen to this reading of "The Terrible Old Man".

The Terrible Old Man by Music for Zombies