Performances and Publications

There follows a list of plays that have been published and performed and some reviews.

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Published Work

Ship of Fools - 2006 - Plays and Musicals Click for more info and to buy!

The Simple Process of Alchemy - 2007 - Plays and Musicals Click for more info and to buy!
(Shortlisted for the Roger Leach Memorial Playwriting Award 2003)

Loving Chopin - 2008 - Plays and Musicals Click for more info and to buy

Ugga - A Play About a boy with a paper bag on his head - 2008 - Plays and Musicals (Now available)

Performed Work

Shades in Time - The Not So Secret Show - (Cirencester Abbey Grounds - Exiled Theatre) - Sept. 1994

Some God, Some Angel, Some Devil - (Brewery Arts Theatre, Cirencester - Exiled Theatre) - April 1995

"A show not to be missed..." - GWR FM

Shades in Time - Martyrs & Shades in Time - The Docks, the Real Story - (Gloucester Cathedral Close & Docks - Exiled Theatre) - July/August 1995

"A surreal but blithe tale." - Gloucester Citizen

Acts of Revenge - (Axiom Arts Centre, Cheltenham - Exiled Theatre) - October 1995

"...passionate and intense... dark dramatic works." - Gloucestershire Echo

Shades in Time - Winchester Cathedral - (Exiled Theatre - Winchester Team) - November 1995

Edmund, Son of Gloucester - (Regional Tour - Exiled Theatre) - April/May 1996

"The best piece of Theatre I have seen in a long while." - Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard

"A mature piece of theatre and an enjoyable night's entertainment." - Gloucestershire Echo

" one can doubt that this is a huge achievement and it is plain that Lambert's imagination recognises no boundaries." - The Stage

Into the Mist - (Regional Tour - Exiled Theatre) - June 1996

"The work of this exciting new playwright should not be missed." - Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard

Some God, Some Angel Some Devil - (Two Chairs Theatre - The North Pole, Winchester) - April 1997

Ship of Fools - (The Other Space, Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham - Tilt Theatre) - July 1997

"In this piece Mr Lambert has proved again that he is a rare and dedicated talent." - Gloucestershire Echo

"Anyone who has seen Lambert's work will be aware that there are few boundaries to his vision. This is indeed a blistering little piece... here there is genuine originality and his dialogue fairly crackles along... this is the business." - The Stage

The Ninth - Commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council for National Libraries Week (Regional Tour - Exiled Theatre) November 1997 - February 1998

Dance of the Piper - (Phoenix Community Centre, Cirencester - Silent Owl Youth Theatre Company) November 1997

Ugga! A play about a boy with a paper bag on his head - Commissioned by and performed at The Phoenix Community Centre - Exiled Theatre - April 1998 - "Lambert has come up with an entertaining play with a strong message, which he gets across using his ability to create easily accessible characters, which the actors obviously enjoyed playing." Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard

Loving Chopin - (Axiom Theatre, Cheltenham - Exiled Theatre) - May 1998 - "Lambert offers a wickedly witty take on his subject matter and the presentation is intense and startling in its originality." - Gloucestershire Echo

Radix Malorum - (Regional Tour - Everyman Voice Company) - May-June 1998

Gloucestershire Yuletide - Two sketches (Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham) - December 1998

Those Who Can Do - (Bulmershe Studio Theatre, Reading University) - May 1999

November the Fifth - (Langley Grammar School, Slough - December 2001)

Aladdin - (Langley Grammar School, Slough - November 2002)

Cinderella - (Langley Grammar School, Slough - November 2004)

Kill the Messenger (With Jonathan Shelley) - (National Tour - Workswell Productions) - Autumn 2003

The Amazing Adventures of Titan the Pantomime Horse (Who solves crimes) - Scooby-Doo onstage without infringing copyright! - (Theale Green Community School - June 2005)

Cinderella - (Theale Green Community School - November/December 2005)

The Theale Mystery Cycle - (Theale Green Community School - May 2006)

Ship of Fools - (Exiled Theatre - South Street Arts Centre, Reading - November 2006)

Ebenezer Scrooge (A Christmas Tragedy)  - (Theale Green Community School - November/December 2006)

The Simple Process of Alchemy - Risqué historical comedy with two actors playing thirty parts! - (Exiled Theatre - Regional Tour February -May 2007)

"The two players, Ralf Higgins and Jack Corcoran are both tremendous actors, relishing the opportunity to ham it up and be very silly. Their accents don't falter, their characters are strong and their slapstick remarkably enjoyable…there were many funny points in the show; there was some great writing; there were strong and hilarious performances…" - BBC Online

The Theale Mystery Cycle - (Theale Green Community School - May 2007)

Ugga! A play about a boy with a paper bag on his head - (Theale Green Community School - June 2007)

The Theale Mystery Cycle - (Theale Green Community School - May 2008)

Loving Chopin - (Exiled Theatre - September 2008 Reading, Gloucester and Cirencester)

The Theale Mystery Cycle - (Sainsbury's Singers, Shining Lights Theatre Company, Theale Green Community School - April 2009)

The Theale Science Mystery Plays - (Theale Green Community School - May 2009)

Kill the Messenger - (Exiled Theatre - September 2009 Reading, Gloucester and Cirencester)

The Theale Science Mystery Plays - (Theale Green Community School - May 2010)

Deadman's Lane - (Exiled Theatre and Theale Green School - June 2010 Theale, Reading and Newbury)

Vampire Hospital - (Exiled Theatre - September 2010 Reading, Cirencester and Gloucester)

"The play, written by Chris Lambert and Jon Shelley, is centred on a supernatural hospital for victims of all manner of creatures but most importantly to the plot, vampires. With Twilight being achingly popular, Vampire Hospital is an amusing laugh at the preternatural-obsessed culture we’re in." - Reading Chronicle