Become one with The Twitter Novel...

Not content with writing a book really really slowly we are also proud to present the world's first Audio Twitter Novel read by lots and lots of different people...


Here's how it works...

  1. The story is told tweet by tweet.
  2. A fellow twitterer emails us and says they would like to read a tweet.
  3. We inform them which one to read.
  4. The fellow twitterer sends us an MP3 of them reading the tweet.
  5. We collect all the recordings together (add sound effects and ambience) and present them chapter by chapter. For example Chapter 1 is made up of 38 separate tweets so that should be read by 38 different people!
  6. If you would like to give it a go send an email to

This is all voluntary (you won't get paid because we are doing this all for fun), the readers will be identified and join the great Twitter Audio Book Hall of Fame!

The Hall of Fame

Title - Chris Lambert (Writer)

Tweet 1 - Ralf Higgins (Actor)

Tweet 2 - Sarah Walker (BBC Radio Berkshire Presenter)

Tweet 3 - Dave Yates (Dolly Dolly)

Tweet 4 - Ben Haigh (Film and Drama Student)